Dancing Fire Inc. has been involved with chimineas, both cast iron chimineas and clay chiminea. We have been a direct importer of the clay chimneas from Mexico for quite sometime. We wholesale and we are a direct retail mail-order business. We have a SECURED SHOPPING STORE FRONT so you can shop with confidence and with complete privacy.

We also offer a wealth of useful information for chimineas and chiminea accessories. Most people (like myself) investigate with great details before making a purchase. I share my opinions and pro's and con's in hope that this information will help in the research process. I pay special attention to chiminea safety. Chimineas and safety are very important. Some styles of chimineas work better for some the others so I do suggest a thorough reading of the pro's and con's.

We were one of the first on the internet years ago shipping clay chimineas. We have been doing so successfully. By successfully we mean that we'll get you the clay chiminea to you in one piece, without breakage. Every once in awhile we'll have some damage due to some freight company error but we take care of damage with little if any inconvenience to the customer.


The Patio Fire Pit Super Store

We ship clay chimineas well! We have added numerous products to our inventory. We now carry cast iron chimineas and fire pits. Our fire pits ship UPS or Fed ex direct to your door step usually within two days. Our cast iron chimineas can take up to 10 to 14 days. We are also a direct source of pinion wood cut just for the chiminea. We can do one bag or thousands. Wholesale or retail. In must cases I can fed/us you a bag to your door step cheaper and easier then you can buy it locally. We also carry a complete line of chiminea accessories. Chiminea covers, chiminea sealer, chiminea tools, chiminea paint, chiminea safety gloves and much more. Try our chiminea fire starter. This makes lighting your chiminea easier. We also do yard art and a lot of different stuff. We are in the process of adding several complete lines of a multitude of products. We are updating our store front as you read this. Let Me Know What You Think


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