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Dancing Fire Inc. specializes in chimineas, fire pits, copper fire pits and patio fireplaces. Plus and more importantly we give you important information about chimineas. How to care for you chiminea, how to use your chiminea and the pros and cons of the differences between clay chimineas and cast iron chimineas. This is important because all of us have different needs and applications. In some respects cast iron chimineas are better then clay chimineas and vice versa but if you are not informed how can you make a wise decision? I am all for trying different furniture and fixtures for the patio but a chiminea and patio fireplaces are all about fire and because of the fire and heat issues being informed is important! Check it out here.
Pro's and Con's of Clay chimineas vs. Cast Iron chimineas
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Chiminea Accessories


chiminea accessories are a very important aspect of chiminea ownership.
We sell all types of chiminea accessories. Everything from making a fire easy and safe
to maintaining and caring for your chiminea. When you first get your chiminea
and your ready to build your first fire in your chiminea you will need a few
things to get started. We sell a complete chiminea Starter kit
that has everything you need to get started. This is really
cool especially if your buying a chiminea as a gift. Our chiminea starter
kits are a pick and choose, customized chiminea kit. Buy a chiminea from
and purchase the custom made kit and you will have everything needed to get started delivered to your door.
Chiminea Accessories

chiminea COVERS

All chimineas should have a protective chiminea cover. I guarantee our chiminea cover is the best chiminea cover on the market! Guaranteed! Our chiminea covers are not a cheap vinyl. chiminea covers made of vinyl will deteriorate very quickly and fall apart. Plus vinyl chiminea covers are very unsightly.'s chiminea are cover were custom designed and manufactured with the best UV protected material. Our chiminea covers are made of a duck cloth type material making them very attractive and a pleasant addition to any deck decor. chiminea COVERS

chiminea PAINT

Cast Iron chimineas. All chimineas will require some maintenance Cast Iron chimineas will need some chiminea paint sooner or later. Clay chimineas will need some chiminea paint as well. We have created a re-finishing kit just for the cast iron chiminea. Our chiminea paint kit is formulated just for cast iron chimineas and chances are our cast iron chiminea paint kit is better then the chiminea paint that came on your chiminea. chiminea ACCESSORIES

chiminea SEALER

Clay chimineas will last a long time with a little maintenance as well. As with anything clay it will absorb moisture. If the clay chiminea or clay pot is sealed once in a while it will add years to the life of the chiminea. We sell a specially formulated chiminea sealer just for clay chimineas. Our chiminea sealer comes in an easy spray bottle and our chiminea sealer kit will seal your chiminea enough to last you about 3 years. Our chiminea sealer will also protect the chiminea finish. chiminea SEALER

chiminea WOOD PINION WOOD is a direct source of pinion wood cut just for the chiminea. Our pinion wood or our pinion pine wood is cut into pieces about the size of a softball. Our pinion wood is seasoned just right. Not seasoned as this will burn to quickly but not to green making our pinion wood to hard to light. With the properly aged pinion wood you will get a easy to light fire that has all the aroma you are expecting. Mosquitoes a problem? Just burn a little pinion wood and wa la no more pesty mosquitoes. Our pinion pine wood is priced to be the most competitive on the market, on or off the internet but we deliver to your front door, 12 months of the year. When comparing pinion wood make sure you are comparing the size of package vs. the price. PINION WOOD


Fat Wood fire starter is the easiest, inexpensive and lowest maintenance fire starter I have found. Our fat wood fire starter can be left outside by your chiminea and your pinion pine chiminea wood. Let the fat wood fire starter get wet and no problem. It still lights easily. Our fat wood fire starter may not be the cheapest fire starter but it's the lowest maintenance fire starter I have found. Check out our fat wood fire starter at FATWOOD




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