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Our Chimenea cover is made to fit any type of Chimenea and fire pit. The material is a duck cloth type of material that's been used in the barbeque industry for years as barbeque covers. This material will take the beating from the sun for many years and the Chimenea cover is waterproof. The material and workmanship is about as good as it gets!
Our Chimenea cover is made to last a long time.
Our Chimenea cover is made to protect your Chimenea investment for many years.

We'll deliver our deluxe Chimenea cover to your door for $39.99

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What size Chiminea cover do I need?

Our large Chimenea cover 361/4 inches tall. This cover will fit most all Chimeneas whether they are Jumbos Chimeneas, large Chimeneas or medium Chimeneas.

Cast Iron Chimenea Owners

Most cast iron Chimeneas are taller then most clay Chimeneas but the issue here is they are so tall that if you cover the whole Chimenea its very overwhelming. Kinda like walking onto you patio and saying "Wow, nice cover. Where's the Chimenea". The solution is taking the top stack off your cast iron Chimenea and turning it upside down and putting it back into the bowl of the Chimenea. This reduces the size and therefore this cover will fit perfectly.

These are some awesome wall suns. They come in many colors! $39.99 free deliverly
Milagro Del Sol - "Miracle of the Sun


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