What's the Difference between a Chiminea and a Fire Pit?

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Chimineas got popular about 6 years ago and the fad went crazy. Since then the Chiminea (We are going to catagorize as a patio fireplace) alias patio fire place has evolved into many different shapes and sizes. The most recent fad is the patio fire pit. By a fire pit I mean an open container such as a dish or bowl that's mounted on a stand. Like a campfire that's contained on the bottom and sides but open on the top.

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A chiminea is basically the same as a pot belly stove that's been in homes for hundreds of years. Look at them and they are basically the same in theory, with the only difference is the shapes. So what's the difference?

The Patio Fire Pit

You can find fire pits of all shapes and sizes and configuration. You can find patio coffee tables with fire pits built into them as well as bar tops. The designers seem to have let their imaginations gone wild. None the less the style you choose is basically the same as beauty- It decision lies in the beholder.

Fire Pits vs. Chimineas?

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A chiminea is contained. The fire is in a bowl that has sides all the way up to the chimney. THe fire is some what contained. This means you can't burn large fires because the size of the chiminea bowl will dictate the size of the fire. Then when you do have a fire burning in a chiminea the fire is burning in a contained bowl that is usually 24" or so in diameter. Then the fire, the heat, the smoke goes out the chimney that shrinks in size. Like a funnel. What this does is the force of the heat rising from a large area to a smaller chimney are the heat will pick up momentum and the smoke will blow out the top with tremendous force. This blows the smoke, with force up into the air. This will keep your patio from getting smoky. The chiminea will also retain more heat.

Fire Pits

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A fire pit is open. There is no chimney flue over the fire. The size of fire pits vary from 24" to 40"'s plus. What this does is it enables you to build fires. I means FIRES. You can stack this bad boy up as far as the pit will hold. It will bring out the pyro in most all humans. You will be able to enjoy the fire 360 degrees around the fire pit. You can burn regular size logs.

Fire Pits

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Both products have a place. First, think about your back yard. Is it typically breezy? Does the wind blow more often then not? Then a chiminea might work better because you can turn the chiminea against the wind and the smoke and ashes don't blow everywhere. A fire pit could blow in your face.

A chiminea may add a little more character to your deck it's also an artists figure when not you use. Now think about this real close. Visualize this with me.
It's Saturday night, you start the fire pit with the kids and friends. You enjoy a wonderful night by the fire. It's time to go to bed. You pour some water (or whatever) onto the fire to put it out. The fire goes out.

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The next morning when you go out side you have this fire pit that looks like it's been used! Now you have to either clean it, which is a task in it's self or you can just put an attractive cover over. Which is just as fine. But you'll want to do something because it's not very attractive.

With a chiminea you do the same thing but the next morning the clean-up is minimal if any at all.

We sell both chimineas and fire pits and both are wonderful but think about what happens when you take it out of the box and you put it to use. How will it perform? Will it do the job you want it to do? And a key word here is SAFELY? And then consider what are you going to look at when your not using it. When you look out your patio doors are you going to see a artisically crafted, hand made chiminea or a dirty fire pit? If you look out our back door and don't see it at all then it doesn't matter. Just something to think about.


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