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My name is Jim Jarvis and I am here to help you get what you are looking for in a gas fire pit or fire feature. I will be more then happy to help anyone from a simple install by a home owner or Designer , Architect or Contractor. My Phone Number is 817.946.6463 and My Email

We also custom Manufacture and Design Fire Pits
Our Goal is to help build a fire pit that will get you the look you are looking for but we want to make it a simple process, easy to understand and above all easy install and maintain.

We can help you work with your contractor or Rock mason so you will get the look of the fire pit your wanting or we can take an existing fire pit and make it work. This fire pit was a simple rock pit and we supplied the stainless pieces to complete the project. It took us 30 minutes to complete (not counting the brick work).

This was what the customer told me he built. Nice simple brick fire pit. He gave me the measurements via email and we made the gas guts. This Pit is a match lit kit. Meaning you turn on the gas valve and light with a lighter. The other option is remote operated unit. The difference between the two besides the obvious is if the wind blows out the fire on a match lit the gas is still on but on the remote unit the system will automatically relight.

This is the stainless steel pan we made for the burner to sit in. It's hard to see but if you look between the inside brick and the steel pan there is a stainless steel mesh to fill the void.

This is the finished Fire Pit with our Man Made River Rock
It's really a simple process but it can also be a serious hazard if not put together correctly. We've taken care of that for you. We'll design and manufacture everything you'll need to get the project done and with the budget in mind.
Here is a good design on constructing a gas fire pit. This will take the guess work out of the issues so you can easily communicate with your rock mason.

This is a diagram of a fire pit using a Remote Control operation. The actual construction doesn't change other then with the remote operation we need 120vac.

Please take note of several necessary components to the fire pit.
Ventilation- We must have ventilation. We would like to see no less then 2 vent holes with app. 18 square inches of space at 180 degree orientation.
Drainage- The fire pit must have a drain otherwise your making a small hot tub. A floor drain is the best solution but I like a plan "B" drain and what works well is putting your vents a grade level, This way if the floor drain clogs you still have the vents.

Now Notice the Pan and Burner Assembly. This is a custom feature we make at Dancing Fire Inc. We use a two pan system. A primary pan that basically stays in place for the life of the pit and a Secondary pan that is made to fit into the primary pan. So when you do your install you place the primary pan in place and then set the secondary pan (the Burner Pan) on the pit and hook up the gas and plus into the 120vac and place the burner pan in position and your done.


The difference between the fire pit above and this one picture here is the top pit has the secondary pan and this rectangle one does not. So or later your fire pit will need some sort of maintenance and if you take that into consideration during the construction period it will make maintaining your pit so much easier. If you plan for it it will save you down the road. This is one of our maintain considerations when designing a pit. How can we take it apart?

We adapted a gas fire pit to this old Cauldron pot. THis is a 13" burner in a 30" pot. We can make almost anything work.



























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