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We are a design and build company. We supply many contractors and DIY home owners with everything you'll need to build the pit your visualizing. We've been doing this for quite some time doing many projects from coast to coast and we have assembled different types of kits that are basically drop-in, hook-up gas and or electric and your done. These kits are manufactured to specs to fit your fire pit. We keep the idea of future maintenance in mind when designing your fire pit kit.

You can build the fire pit any which way you want but keep in mind the drawings below. What I mean is you can build the pit using the materials of your choice to get the look your after. Our part is to make your fire pit work the way you want it to work. There are a few options.

Match Lit Fire Pit

The first option and being the cheapest is using a match to light your pit. You turn on the gas valve and drop a match and the fire is lit. THis is the cheapest and easiest but the down fall is that when the wind blows out the fire the gas is still on and you will have to re-light or make sure the gas gets shut off. There's a drawing below about the makings of a gas lit kit.
Notice the vents and drainage. These are very important and do not let them get ignored.

Remotely Operated Gas Fire Pits

The next drawing below is using a remote controlled gas valve. When I say remotely operated system I mean this could be methods of operating the valve from remote location such as a wall switch or timer. This can be connected to swimming pool remote controls as well.
You see it's the same pit but it has 120 vac wired inside. Several things to pay close attention and this is the drain and the vents. Drainage is something that has to be done right the first time. The fix in the event your drainage doesn't work will be expensive. The proper ventilation is a must for safety reason as well as proper functions of the fire pit. We use the state of the art gas components for our gas valves. These are the best in the industry. And very easy to install and service. For more information call Jim @ 817.946.6463

But you will notice the vents are at or almost grade level. THis makes for a discreet vent and we supply these in stainless or copper. And it doubles as a plan "B" drain in case you screwed up the original drain. It happens so plan on a plan b.

In these pictures you have seen that the pan is sitting on a wall of brick. We can do this another way by putting legs under the primary pan as shown below. This makes it easier to fit if the pit is already built and you want everything to drop in place, make the connections and your done. We can supply you with everything you need. Call for a quote or if you have any questions. Jim 817.946.6463 my cell number. Test my customer service.

This is a custommade linear burner pan. It was built entirely of stainless steel using our exclusive design in burner and gas valve assembly. Notice the stainless steel mesh material for the primary burner pan.

This pan is 10' long by 1'