I think our fire pit kits are the best in the business because they are designed to make installation as easy as possible, they fulfill the need to get what the client is needing and above they are serviceable.
This is our pan system. It's a two piece unit. We have a primary pan and a secondary pan. You take bricks and stack three columns inside the gas fire pit so that when you sit the primary pan in the pit on the bricks the burner is about 4 to 5" from the top of the coping. Then you take the secondary pan, rest it on top of the primary pan. Then you hook up your gas supply and plus the unit into a 110vac outlet inside the gas fire pit. Then everything is hooked up set the secondary pan into the the primary pan. When you have to do any service to the gas fire pit you just separate the two pans where they meet and then lift the secondary pan out and rest on primary pan. Do any repairs and re-install into the primary pan, spread out the lava rock and your done. Notice the Stainless Steel mesh in the primary pan? This is for ventilation and drainage. Ever piece of steel we use is Stainless Steel 304.

The image to the left is a two piece pan system but it's rectangle. If you notice the SS mesh on the outside of the pan. We make pans like this for gas fire pits that are already built before the client contacts us and we are making the pans to an existing structure. We will generally make the primary pan 3" or so smaller then the inside of the fire pit. then we add 6" of mesh material to the outside of the pan. THis will take up any open gas between the primary pan the the masonry walls on the inside. You just shove the mesh down between the gaps. Once the primary pan is installed it generally stays there. To do any repairs you lift out the secondary pan.


Take a close look at the image to the right. THis is an out of the box fire pit kit. Look at the gap between the stainless steel flat pan and the rock work. How is the average guy going to fill that gap to hold lava rock. Once the pan is installed your suppose to cover the entire pan with lava rock so you don't see any stainless. So what do you do if your mason made the inside diameter of the gas pit 46" and there isn't a pan that's out of the box that will fit? The other thing I don't care for with flat pans like this one is they warp with the heat. There is no ring on the outside to give support. Look at our pan above. It has support everywhere.

Look at the imagine to the left. Notice the stainless steel ring just outside the lava rock. THis is another option but who wants the see the SS ring? These pans are only available in 4 or 5 sizes and if it doesn't fit right it won't work. Plus it gets hot. This is a great kit if it will fit. Our two piece pan system is custom made to fit your pit and you see no SS ring and our two piece kit is cheaper then these pans with a flange.

This fire pit is 9' inside diameter. Over 600 pounds of glass at about $4000. Can you imagine the labor cost of taking it apart for what would otherwise be a simple 15 minute repair. Our two piece pan system makes that a lot simpler and cheaper? The picture to the left is before we installed the two piece pan, lava rock and 600 pounds of glass.
My Name is Jim Jarvis and I am the manager of Dancing Fire inc. and I am also the designer, engineer of the gas fire pits we build. Gas fire pits and gas fire features have become somewhat our specialty. My cell phone is 817.946.6463. We are very service oriented and I can be reached most anytime so if you have any questions please call or email me, I am here for you.

If you can't find the answers here call 817.613.0029

These are complete fire feature kits. Our drop in units make designing fire feature a snap. You design the surround and we'll custom design the fire feature kit that will work best for you application.

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