Installing a keyed gas shut off valve in a masonry fire pit..

This is very important. Make sure who ever installs the keyed gas shut off valve on the side of the fire pit uses a valve that's for your application. A valve off the shelf at Home Depot isn't it. Those are fireplace gas log lighters passing only 45K BTU's and you probably aren't going to be happy with flame quality and then your pissed when you realize the fix is tearing everything out and replacing the valve.


What I'm telling every one here is I'm saving you a lot of money from making some very easy to do mistakes. Like installing the wrong key valve. What about when you all done and everything is working but you hear a squealing noise? Nothing big. THen 15 minutes later she ask "What's that squealing noise". The story goes on till your taking the pit apart finding the squeal. It's that annoying.

What is happening is your pushing so mush gas through a corrugated flexible pipe it create a whistle. The only fix is turn the gas down and peter the pit or install what's called a "No Squeal gas flex pipe". Duh. Lol. Seriously visit our store front and play it safe. Get the no squeal.

In my opinion every gas appliance needs a gas shut off valve within reach of the appliance. Gas fire pits should have a gas valve built into the pit but not in the masonry work. I don't like installing anything that moves in masonry because if you ever need to work on it (and I've seen them get hit and leak and needed to be removed) your doing major work. I like to install the gas valve on the in side of the pit and run a chase pipe from the valve assembly thru the masonry work and install the trim on the outside of the pit. Then you use an extra long key to operate the valve. See the drawing below.

Below are some pictures to give you and idea. What I did in the pictures is I took a 35 gallon steel drum and made a vessel to support. We made these barrel fire pits to go around a pool and then they built up the rock work around the barrels. It makes for an easy way to keep everything clean and accessible.

This is the burner we used that comes in a kit so you can make any fire feature you link as I did with this barrel. The Gas fire kit is located using this link. The kit comes complete with a 10" rubber hose to connect to a 5 gallon propane tank. In this application we hard piped it to the gas supply of the house.

Simple hanger brackets

The gas burner installed in the barrel


This is installed in the barrel with the proper connections. The yellow hose is a stainless steel hose coming from the supply line going to the valve and then to the burner.

This is just one method I have used to install a keyed gas shut off valve for an outside fire pit. This valve can be used for a log lighter type of set up or for a gas fire pit.

Notice the pic below. The valve on the right has the brass trim installed. Unscrew the trim piece. The threads on the valve are 3/4" pipe threads. You can get a galvanized coupling and screw this onto the valve assembly.

The top valve is how it comes out of the bag. The bottom is with the extension added.

It's simpler if the chase pipe is installed as they are doing the masonry work but you can always drill a hole after the fact.



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