Converting a wood burning fire pit to a gas burning fire is a piece of cake. THe biggest obstacle is getting the gas run into the fire pit. This is something you and your plumber can figure out but what your after is to get the gas piped into the pit and stubbed up close to the wall of the fire pit and about 6" off the floor.

Once this is done you are basically at the point of build a gas fire pit except the surround is already completed. So read the instruction we put together on build a gas fire pit.

I say it's a piece of cake because we developed a pan system that make it really simple to convert from wood burning to gas and retro fitting our pan system to fit your fire pit.

If you look at the size of the pan vs. the inside of the rock work there is a gap. This gap is filled with a stainless steel mesh material that is larger then the inside diameter of the rock. So what you do is you stack three columns of bricks in the fire pit so the when the pan is put in place it will be about 5" below the coping. Once this is done then you push the pan into the pit onto the columns of brick. Then you take a handle on a hammer and shove the screen mesh material down below the pan.

Now you have a flat surface all across the inside of the fire pit so that when you cover the burner with lava rock you have full support with no gaps and you don't see and stainless steel.

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