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This page is about chiminea sealer for clay chimineas. Cast iron chimineas don't need sealing but they do need an occasional painting. Dancing Fire Carries a special
paint for this at this link. Chiminea Accessories

Clay Chimineas will last a long time if they are given a little maintaince. I have had the same clay chiminea for 8 years. BAck 8 years ago the quality of the clay chimineas is nowhere near what it is today but my clay chiminea has lasted and endured some grueling punishment. I firmly believe this is due to sealing it once or twice a year. IT's simple to use. Comes in a 12 once spray bottle. Enough for 3 or 4 applications. Just spray our clay chiminea sealer so there is nice even coat on the clay. Let dry, about 30 minutes. Your done.

Dancing Fires clay chiminea sealer is specially formulated toe seal the clay from damaging moisture. It will add a glaze to the finish. Our sealer will not change the appearance of the finish. It will protect the finish and in doing so the finish will last much longer.

Use our chiminea sealer on your other clay pots!

Use Dancing Fire's clay chiminea sealer to seal your other clay pots as well. It's always a good idea to seal your flower pots BEFORE you add the dirt and plants. In fact it's a good idea to paint the inside of your clay pots first. THis is a good tip!!! Go to the garage and find some old paint that's been laying around for several years and you'll probably never use it again. Once paint gets old its not good for a lot and its not good to discard in a landfill so let's put it to use and seal our pots. Paint the inside of the pot and stop just below the top of the dirt level. Let the paint dry and spray the rest of the pot with Dancing Fire's chiminea sealer. Every year re spray with the sealer. THis will hope all your pots last many years. And if you need help painting your chiminea

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