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This is very important!

STAINLESS STEEL MESH is the only material that we use for our fire pit screens. Anything other then SS is unacceptable for this application. The screen is outside and over a fire. Why would any one use anything but Stainless Steel? To save them money in manufacturing cost. But regular steel mesh will rust out so where's the savings? Not to the consumer anyway.


Once upon a time we ventured into making Pivoting Fire Pit Safety screens but we realized it wasn't worth the cost of freight. And these screens have safety issues. If the screen weights 50 pounds the door is 25 pounds and your lifting into the fire to open and close. We didn't like that idea.
Check out my Humble Opinion About Pivot Screens Here.

Dancing Fire Manufactures the Perfect
Safety Screen for your Fire Pit!

We have inventory on most sizes and if we don't we CUSTOM MANUFUCTRE and still ship in a few days.
Need to replace a burned out fire pit safety screens? We have stock fire pit replacement screens starting at $100

Why use a fire pit Safety Screen?

My name is Jim Jarvis and I am the owner and designer of our custom made fire pit safety screens. You had a fire pit built for a reason. You wanted to sit outside with the family and friends and relax. Sitting around a fire with the family is a great way to spend time together and a fire has a magnetic characteristic about it. Start a fire and it will draw everyone in the area. But without a safety screen you loose the most important element of this scenario. Relaxing!! It's not going to happen.

You'll be so paranoid that your going to set something on fire you can't relax. Try it and you'll feel what I'm talking about. Not to mention it's the responsible thing to do and most likely the local law wants you to use a screen as well. But I'm serious about the comfort level you achieve by using a safety screen. Makes it worth every penny. Not to mention all the clothing your going to burn and the patio furniture cushions you'll ruin.


I haven't read any where on the internet about this benefit of using a fire pit safety screen but this is big. Through our research and development (Playing in the fire pit) we realized using the safety screen you use a LOT less firewood. Outdoor fire pits are firewood eating pigs depending on your level of pyromania. This is because of the air flow. It's basically unregulated. A little breeze and you got a good fire. The fire pit safety screen restricts the air movement therefore controlling the fire. Saves money on fire wood and the fires burn longer.

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We have been doing this for a long time and we are good at it. Patio Hearth is our business.

The design of our screen and the quality of workmanship is the key reason. Same design for years and still burning strong.

We only offer two Styles of screens with two profiles. We offer a Four Piece Screen that's taller and a One piece lower profile screen.


Check out some of our customer's pictures

fire pit safety screens


If you need any help please call Jim @ 817-946-6463 or email Jim email Jim

Below I describe how we use top quality components and our artistic craftsmen to manufacture our heavy duty fire pit screens and the different types of screens we manufacture.

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Please note that the top handle on the screen as pictured is no longer available. We think it's dangerous. Someone will throw their back out lifting a huge dome like that from the middle. The sheer bulkiness deems this a poor idea. We've replaced this with a cleaner looking bolt with removable doors for easy lifting. Our screens come apart in seconds.

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We Custom Manufacture
Fire Pit Safety Screens

Our custom made screens come in two versions.

ONE PIECE SCREENS for smaller fire pits any size up to 32". These work quite well on smaller pits. These are one piece screens that you lift off to add more firewood. They come in either 100% stainless steel or with carbon steel frames. All of our screens use a Stainless steel mesh material.
These are heavy duty for smaller fire pits and they and should last a long time.
For more information click here
And we recommend using a stainless steel screen tool available here

FOUR PIECE SCREENS This is our top of the line screen. We'll manufacture any size fire pit screen you may need up to 12 feet in diameter. Read down a little and I discuss our manufacturing process and the materials we use.
We'll also custom manufacture anything else you may need. We have a fully operational manufacturing faculty and custom work is our specialty. Don't be afraid to ask me about any project. I truly don't think you are imposing by calling me and I love to take the time and work out your project. I really really like it if we talk BEFORE you start but we can still deal with any issues after the fact.
My cell number 817-946-6463, again my name is Jim. email

About Dancing Fire Inc.

We are the manufacturer of our fire pit screens. We are located in a little town west of Fort Worth Texas called Weatherford. Our goal is to make sure you get the quality you pay for and then some. We pride ourselves on offering free advise any time we can help. We are very service oriented but it's our quality that will impress you.


Constructing Our Screens

The screen material on all of our screens we manufacture is STAINLESS STEEL MESH. This is the most important element of the safety screen. Our competitors don't use Stainless Steel Mesh. If we used regular carbon steel it would oxidize over a small period of time and fail. The fire doesn't burn out the screen - the rust eats the screen. By using stainless steel we eliminate that issue. Stainless steel is more expensive but worth it. At this stage cost isn't as important as what's at stake. We need the screen mesh material to endure the elements of mother nature and then take a hit from the fire.


We now offer our frames in two options. Carbon steel or an upgrade to Stainless Steel. Everything else is the same other then the material. Making our typical carbon steel frame we use 1/4" x 1" solid steel flat bar and 2"x1/4" at the base. In this model we use carbon steel because this is where the cost of using stainless steel would make the product more expensive. Carbon steel works very well but will rust and need some touching up on the paint. This is the trade off of what works perfectly well for less dollars vs. an upgrade that requires less maintenance but more money.

Call if you have any questions. 817.946.6463
How The Screen Works

We make the screen in four parts. The two back quarters are fixed and are hinged to the two front quarters. The two front quarters are doors that open out independently of one another. We take the hinges apart and re-build them using stainless steel hinge pins. Again we have a rust issue here using regular hinges and by using stainless steel pins that won't rust- opening the doors after sitting outside shouldn't be an issue.

Shipping The Screens

The screen comes to you via either FEDEX ground or if the screen you are wanting is larger then 48" in diameter then we have to palletize the screen and ship it via a freight company i.e. R and L or FEDEX freight. When you receive the screen in comes in four pieces. There is some minor assembly required. Takes about 5 minutes and requires very little effort. Everything slips together and there is one nut that screws on to the bottom side of the top handle. Like I said, the two front pieces are mounted to the two back pieces with hinges. The brass hinge pieces easily slide into the hinges. I say this because when your using your fire pit with the screen in place and the kids want to roast marshmallows you can ( wearing gloves) pull the brass hinge pins and remove the door. This way you can cook with the screen in place (minus one door) and not get marshmallow guts on the screen. And I like my marsh mellows black and it's easier to get black marsh mellows if you can put the marshmallows right in the fire. Trust me it works much better. They get good and nasty and gooey.

What Size Screen do You Need

When ordering or calculating what size screen you need it's best to have some measurements before calling. I need the inside diameter of the fire pit and the outside diameter and the depth. From these measurements we can calculate the right size diameter of the screen you need and then we'll quote you a price. What we suggest is adding 2" to each side of the inside measurement of the fire pit. An example would be let's say your inside measurement is 36" then add 2" to each side making a total of 40". Take 36" add 4" and this would make the screen 40". But call if you need help.

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That's How We Make the Safety Screen. I'll tell you straight up the these screens aren't inexpensive. Think about this for a minute. Look at what your doing with my piece of art, Sorry my screen. Your putting this screen outside, in the elements of rain, blazing sun and snow for an extended time and when you want to use this screen your going to put it in a fire. Is that abuse or what? And then you want the screen to last many years. See where I'm going? The Screens have to be built to high standards otherwise your just spending good money after bad. The old saying is buying good quality only hurts once.

It's quality, it's proudly made in the god loving USA and it has my name on it. If you have any questions please call me @817-946-6463 my name is Jim Jarvis I own Dancing Fire Inc. or email me you will get a quick reply from me.

Look at this fire pit and the patio area. Absolutely gorgeous. Now could you imagine using this fire pit with out the screen?

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Our Custom Made Screens

To get a better understanding of our screens you may want to see some of our previous work. We have some pictures of previous customer's fire pits click here to see more pictures.
To see a Few Square Fire Pit Screens
click here

Please send me pictures of your fire pit so we can share your creative work with other back yard fire pit enthusiast.

Check out some of our pictures

Out Of the Box Fire Screens click here.
These screens are generally replacement screens for out of the box fire pits.
They are made in China and are production manufactured. I don't not recommend these for rock or built in fire pits. They will insult your fire pit. They weight about 5 pounds. Would you spend ten thousand dollars on custom cabinets for your home and buy the hardware at the dollar store? But they are better then nothing.

We suggest that when you order then screen ask for an extra can of special heat resistant paint $15 extra. We offer our screens in either 100% stainless steel of a lesser expensive version using stainless steel mesh and a carbon steel frame. The carbon steel frame is painted with high heat resistant paint but it will need some maintenance. Your putting it into a fire. It will, not if, need touching up. It may also get a few scratches during shipping.

fire pit safety screens

Square Fire Pit Screens

We custom make square screens as well. Again, we will make a square screen any size you need. As an example of a screen we made for a customer pictures here is 48" square and 14" tall. To see more square fire pit screens click here.

Square screens start at $750. They are very time consuming to make. The square screens have a lot of lines and angles and if they are perfect the screen doesn't look right. To accomplish this it takes time.

Fire Pits Safety Screens with Self Supporting Stands and Rings

We make stands that fit in your fire pit that the screens will sit on. The screen is typically made to rest on top of the ledge of your fire pit but if you want or need a stand to set the screen on we can make these.

The benefit of the stand is that the screen isn't setting on your beautiful rock coping and this will also give you more room on you ledge for beverages, butts and anything else you might want to sit on it. Call for pricing.

The Painted Finish!

Our screens are finished with a heat resistant flat black paint with anti corrosion chemicals added. Our painted is custom formulated by a paint chemist!
We do not warranty the painted finish. We do the best we can finishing the fire pit screen with a good coat of fire resistant paint but we DO NOT warranty the finish. Some rust marks may appear at the bottom of the screen. If this happens just apply some heat resistant paint. Apply it heavy so the paint flows into cracks. Some rust marks may appear on the surface supporting the screen. This is going to be natural. Wood burning Fire pits will get dirty.

Please Note We Do Not Warranty the Paint.

This is a product your putting into a fire. We suggest that when you order then screen ask for an extra can of special heat resistant paint $20 extra. This is a steel product that your putting into a fire. It will, not if, need touching up. It may also get a few scratches during shipping.

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