Fire Pit Safety Screens and My Humble Opinion.

Dancing fire has been manufacturing fire pit safety screens since 2006 and I think we were one of the first on the Internet but who's counting. We are Innovators in the field and Innovation speaks for it's self. That's what we do. We try to make newer and better and most of all less expensive at the same time with out cutting quality corners.

So I am speaking out about a product we use to manufacture. This is just an experience I would like to share. It's The PIVOTing fire pit screen. We discontinued manufacturing them after we used them ourselves and sold a few and got some feed back and this was a short period. Why? To expensive to ship ($175 + compared to $50), ugly as sin, and quite dangerous. Therefore we deemed them bad business and quit production. Your putting your hand over the fire to open and close the door. Our 44" screen weighted about 50 pounds. A Pivoting fire pit screen the door is half the screen. It's 44" long and weights 25 pounds. If it falls when opening look out. It's heavy especially when it's hot. But this is just one issue. Read on.


There is nothing wrong with this Pivoting fire pit screen. This screen was one of the first screens on the internet and it's made in China and distributed in the USA. They were designed to replace the factory made fire pits screens that came with store bought fire pits they were made to replace. This is why the sizes available are odd sizes. That was the size of the store bought fire pit. For this application this screen worked, it does the job. It ships in four pieces (Cheap Freight not $175), Cost very low $$ so it's cheap for cheap fire pits. So when it rots out throw it away. But our one piece stainless steel screens are a very good replacement intead of using these as a replacement. Same $$'s to.

But we tried to Americanized it.

We tried to make it better and bigger and heavier duty. This is where it didn't work for us. Nothing worked. Lol. If we can make a safer, better, easier to use, better looking fire pit screen for less money that's a lot cheaper to ship then why make the Pivoting screen? And our Screens with doors are by far better looking sitting on your gorgeous fire pit. The Pivoting is half a circle and that just looks wrong on a fire pit. The screen is suppose to accentuate your fire pit. Not be a gross distraction. And this is when it's new. Look at them after they been used and how they age. Bad Ugly.


Every web site out there says the screen with 2 doors using stainless mesh is
"THE PREMINIUM " Fire pit screen. This is what we manufacture.The Premium Fire Pit Safety screen.
Dancing Fire's 40" "PREMIMIUM" screen is $445 plus about $50 to ship. $495 delivered plus or minus.
The Pivoting 40" screen we used to sell was $425 plus $170 to ship. $595 delivered.
It's a no brain er. A better product $100 cheaper. Hmm
This isn't the big issue though. Read on!


What if you don't like it after you receive it? If you don't like The Pivoting Screen it's $340 in shipping to return it. What about warranty returns? If there is an issue with the pivoting screen it's $340 in shipping to get a free warranty repair? Again this really isn't my issue with The Pivoting screen but it's at least worth throwing out there.


In my opinion most of the pictures I see on the internet are great pics. To really grasp what the Pivoting screen actually looks like you must see it in person, on a fire pit. The half of a circle looks proportionately wrong for starters. Pictures don't really show this very well but a 40" half circle fire pit screen is huge. Because the two halves pivot into one another they are halves of a circle with the door being smaller by 3". First thing you see is the screen then you look for the fire pit. Lol. Then what about that huge open gap on top between the two different halves? We didn't like this open gap but because of the nature of the design it had to be that way. Our four piece screens have a lower profile, much more aesthetically pleasing because of the design we can change the profile height. But in order to see what the pivoting screen looks like in person that means you own it and it's economically not feasible to return it. $340?

So we figured we'd offer just THE PREMINIUM FIRE PIT SCREEN,
The Cadillac fire pit screen for less money.


It's huge and it's one big screen. Then you will notice its a two person job moving it. The pivot screen is very bulky and heavy making it a chore to move. Something on your fire pit shouldn't be that difficult to move around. Although it comes in two pieces these pieces are attached as one big heavy screen. I didn't like cleaning my fire pit with the pivot screen on it. To easy to knock it over. It's sitting on only half of a circle. A little bump and it could fall over. If the door accidentally fell and your hand or head is in the wrong spot your hurting. And why risk it? Save money and buy the best, First!

Again all of this is just my humble opinion. This information has nothing to do nobody or any other manufactured Pivoting fire pit screen. This information is Dancing Fire sharing some previous Research history.


THis is being written as of April 7, 2015 so check back

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